Alison On Dolphins

The Bottle nose Dolphin is one of the most common of the dolphin species. It displays a wide range of vocalizations and is considered to be a very intelligent animal.

The Common dolphin is one of the most beautifully coloured dolphins and is also one of the fastest. Because of the texture of its skin and its swimming technique, it can reach speeds of 40 mph/70kmh.

The Blue And White dolphin can be identified from its cousins by its sickle-shaped caudal fin. It’s fairly dark up Perside and it’s grey-white and blue flanks are distinctive.

Commerson’s Dolphin is one of the smallest dolphin species. It is very active and loves leaping out of the water. It can also surf the waves. There are various sub-species of spotted dolphins, but all are known to perform successive leaps while swimming.

The white-beaked dolphin is one of largest dolphins. It can also be identified by its beak and flanks, as well as its curved dorsal fin.


Swim with Dolphins


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