Making Friends with Animals


Dogs and humans have been living side by side for about 100,000 years.People have used dogs throughout history for all sorts of jobs-from eating up rubbish to guiding blind people. Dogs have gone to war with their people and guarded them against strangers.They have pulled carts and sledges and even help with the cooking.Most humans like dogs and most dogs like humans.Many dogs are friendly ,but some are not.

How to say hello to a dog

Dogs are usually friendly to humans.They wag their tails and sometimes wriggle their whole bodies with pleasure.They will want to smell your hands to find out who you are.

What to do if you are frightened (scared) by a dog

  • Stand still like a statue
  • Clench your hands into fist and tuck them under your chin
  • If the dog knocks you over,curl into a ball,put your hands over your head and stay quiet and still.the dog would get bored and go away


  • praise
  • play-fighting
  • going for walks
  • dog biscuits
  • anything meaty
  • a comfortable place to lie and sleep,especially somewhere that allows them to see what is going on when they wake up
  • to protect things
  • rolling in smelly things such as dead frogs and animals poo
  • looking for tasty treats in the garbage bin
  • chasing things
  • “killing” games with squeaky toys
  • tug-of-war games with dogs and humans
  • being stroked on the front of the chest or under the chin
  • being told that they are good
  • getting onto sofas and beds
  • being with the rest of their family or pack
  • their puppies

Dogs do not like

  • being told to get off the furniture
  • having a bath (some do)
  • being shouted at (when their in trouble)
  • being told that they are bad
  • being hit,kicked,pulled or pocked
  • loud sudden noises, especially when they are asleep
  • strangers or other people who look unfamiliar
  • hot weather when there is no shade
  • hot cars (with no aircon)
  • being alone ( they’ll lone wolf.Live alone die alone)


Long,long ago, cats were timid creatures and they steered clear of humans.This was because humans made hats and scarves out of their skins and would even eat then if there were no other food. So what brought cats and humans together?Well, as you know, modern humans can be messy and wasteful and our ancestors had similar habits.They threw away scraps of food onto dumps or middens.when hungry camps,they found they could live off the leftovers. Cheeky rats and mice also found they could thrive on scraps of meat and vegetables.This meant the cats had two sorts of food available-the food scraps and the rodents.

How to say hello to a cat

Cats are usually friendly to humans, and say “miaow” when they see somebody they like. They may also stare at humans.They rub their heads and necks againts humans to make friends with them in the same way that they do with other cats.

Safety tips

  • don’t go near a cat if she is feeding,frightened or wounded.
  • never carry more then one cat/kitten at a time
  • never chase a frightened cat.This will only make it more fearful of you.Frightened cats defend themselves with their teeth and claws
  • never let dogs chase cats.They can hurt each other very badly.Dogs can kill cats and cats can scratch dogs eyes and make them blind
  • never pull a cats tail.It may turn around and bite your hand
  • never tease a cat.It does not see the funny side of being tormented and will eventually get its own back.

Cats like

  •  warm food
  • resting places off the ground
  • familiar friends,such as people,other cats and sometimes even dogs
  • cleaning themselves
  • peace and quiet
  • sunbathing
  • being stroked-especially behind the ears and along the back.

Cats do not like

  • unfamiliar food
  • people and cats that stare at them
  • people that stare and tease them
  • dogs that bark and chase them
  • cold baths
  • loud and noisy rooms
  • feeling trapped.


Like many domestic animals,the small animals we like to keep as pets,such as rabbits,mice,and guinea pigs,were first keep by humans for their meat.


Small rabbits are easier to pick up than large rabbits and that is why they make good pets for children.All rabbits use scent from their chins to mark their territory and their friends.If you rub your fingers on your bunny’s food bowls and on the inside walls of it’s hutch,you will leave your scent behind. this can help convince the rabbit that you are feeling friendly,not hungry.To pick up a small rabbit,place one hand over his shoulders and the other under his bottom.Then scoop him/her up.Larger rabbits can be wrapped in a towel to reduce wriggling,kicking and scratching.Because rabbits wriggle and can jump down from considerable heights,it is best to sit on  the floor when first picking up a strange rabbit.


Guinea pigs will always try to hide from people,so when you want to pick up a guinea pig,move him/her into the corner of his/her pen.Otherwise he/she will keep racing around and you’ll both just get tired.When the guinea pig is right in the corner keep him/her still with one hand alongside.Use your other hand to stop him/her running backwards,and slide your first hand under him/her,like a shovel.Now place your other hand over the guinea pigs back  to prevent her jumping off your hand.


When catching and handling a pet rat,use the same methods as with a guinea pig.If your hands are big enough and the rat is friendly,you may be able to hold him with one hand around his chest.Be sure to avoid squeezing him too hard.A mouse can be caught by the part of the tail that is closest to the body.Holding the tail head between your thumb and finger,gently lift the mouse’s bottom up so that his hind (back) legs are no longer touching the ground.To lift the mouse from the cage,slip your other hand under him and pull the little fellow onto it.Keeping hold of his tail head you can place him on your arm so that he can have fun sniffing around.


Horses are very social animals.When they run around together,horse use their tails to signal to each other.For instance,tail up means “GO tail down means “STOP” these messages help to prevent horses running into each other,the way brake lights do on a car.When horses point there tails right up to the sky,they are really having fun and showing off.


  • food ( who doesn’t )
  • carrots
  • horse friends (who likes being lonely)
  • safe places
  • help when scratching hard to reach spots
  • soft areas to lie on

  • anything unfamiliar
  • being chased
  • being hit
  • sharing their food
  • strange horses
  • being without their friends
  • being approached from the rear
  • feeling trapped

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