Into my Life

Hi everyone it’s me again with my latest blog page ” INTO MY LIFE“. So have fun watching all the things happening in my life.


Horses are so far my favorite animal.I love riding them and playing with them,but most of all i love petting them!
One day we were driving down to a gymkhana that was cancelled so we drove back when we saw a herd of ponies.WE stop and started petting them it was a lot of fun.
IMG_1721   IMG_1723IMG_1720

 Horse Riding Lessons!

Horse riding is so much fun.Even at a walk.Horses have 4 gaits ( 4 speeds ) walk,trot,canter and gallop.
 *Below is Jack    ( I’m the girl) (Alison as you all know)                                                                                                                                              
IMG_1808                                           *  Below is my buddy Tarsha and Sam ( Sam’s the horse.)

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