Manta Rays

The manta ray is the largest of the rays, reaching up to 26 feet across. It is a placid and entirely harmless creature.  Its black back and two horns on either side of its wide head have earned it the nick name ‘devil ray’.


12 thoughts on “Manta Rays

  1. that is soooo cool I wish i could see somehing like that up close. it is also amazing that the baby is that small.

    • yes, well thanks to people like the puffed-up idiot who killed that ray in the 30’s, the species is now endangered. why the h*ll is it “cool” to kill a living creature and display it?

    • You CAN see these creatures……off the coast of Kona. My two grand daughters, ages 10 and 12 swam with the manta rays last Wed, April27,2011 with their dad on a tour that took them by boat near Kona airport. My 10 year old had this comment after being in the water for 30 minutes with around 19 manta rays…..”that was awesome !” They were told by guide that this is the only place in the world that you can have this experience.

      • My Dad had a very big one swim over his head at Malapascua in the Philippines when he dived to see the Thresher sharks there. He said it was humbling to see such natural beauty up close. Now I want to go to Kona!

  2. I think the Manta Ray is ‘cool’ and the man who killed it just a product of his time. In those days it was ‘cool’ to kill and display, today it is not. I posted this photo to show a large manta ray and also to get people thinking about them and about how we should protect them. I guess it’s working. I don’t think Alisa meant the killing was cool, just the manta ray.

  3. Thank you for posting the ol’ pics alisonanimals. It WAS the product of the time to kill and display things. But it was (and is) a time to educate folks about things that inhabit this globe that they may never see.
    They are cool Alisa. Please go see or swim with one, it’s something you’ll never forget. (Then imagine one, 5000 pounds and over 20 feet across!?! Waay cool!) Don’t let the “devil ray ” nickname bother you either. That was a product of the time too.

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