Polar Bears


Meet the polar bear.Polar bears are considered sea mammals.They spend most of their time on the frozen sea.They prefer to live near the edge of the ice pack.They are the largest of all bears.

FUN FACT                 Remember
NO POLAR                  polar bears:north polar                     penguins:south pole
BEARS IN                         there are no penguins in the arctic

Polar bears have snow-white fur.Their colour allows them to blend in with their environment-snow,slush and ice.They have thick fur and blubber.

FUN FACT Polar bears have black skin polar bear names
ice bear,nanuk,white bear,sea bear

Ten feet

Polar bears are the largest predatory land animals.Polar bears can grow to be ten feet.If you ever see a polar bear footprints, pay attention!Inupiak people say”You never see the one that gets you”Polar bears are excellent swimmers.They can swim farther than fifty miles at one stretch.Polar bears mostly eat meat from the ocean_walrus,seals,sea lions, and fish.Seal are their favorite food.Open wide! Polar bears have carnivore teeth canine-teeth in front and huge molars in the back.A polar bear can run 25 miles per hour.That is faster than a human can run.Polar bears can run down some caribou!

A baby polar bear is called a cub.Mother polar bears dig  dens in the snow,where they give birth to their cubs.Polar bears can smell food from 32 kilometres away!Polar bears are the biggest predator that lives on land.Their huge paws are the size of dinner plates.


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