Alison On Sharks

The Thresher Shark in the photo was sighted off Monad Shoal, Camotes Sea, the Philippines by my dad at 25m. It was 9 feet long with a tail 6 feet long.

As its name suggests, the whitetip reef shark can be identified by the white tips of its dorsal and caudal fins. It is one of the most common sharks. The hammerhead’s eyes are located on the outer tip of its head, thus giving it a wide visual field. White  spots can be found under its hammer these are in fact static electricity sensors. What is more, it is immune to stingray poison. The spotted wobbegong has a fairly flat head and body is dark in color and covered in spots.   These markings allow it to camouflage itself against the seabed before swooping down on its prey. Despite a fearsome appearance and razor-sharp teeth, the sand tiger shark is a relatively placid and slow-moving animal it is not aggressive unless  provoked.


One thought on “Alison On Sharks

  1. hi Alison,i love this page and i was wondering is you have any shark toys,modlos,books,pics and ect ect ect i have some of thous do you/ thanks jessica () ()
    ( 00 ) 😀 😀 😛
    U U

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